Istria is the largest peninsula in the Mediterranean.  It offers crystal clear waters and more than 2.400 hours of sunshine per year.  Istria has a stunning coastline with picturesque towns, full of cultural heritage. The hinterland is a revelation: with its lush green hills, fertile valleys, and honey coloured hilltop towns, it is often described as “The new Tuscany”.  Istria offers a variety of sports activities from sailing, diving, tennis, hiking, cycling to golf.  It also emerged as a true gourmet destination with black and the precious white truffles on offer, delicious seafood, fine wines and award-winning olive oils. 

In 2011 it was ranked by the renowned Lonely Planet guide on Nr. 2 of the 10 top places to holiday in the world.  The National Geographic Traveler put it under the 20 best places worldwide to visit in 2012. Many international recognitions followed, including Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, CNN, and NY Times.

Focus of our developments are the charming rolling hills around the famous fortress town Motovun and the glamorous seaside town Rovinj.  Motovun is truffle heartland, hosts some of the best vineries and oil producers in Croatia, and has emerged as an exclusive area for country houses over the last years.  Rovinj is touted as “the new St. Tropez” and has already today most overnight guests in Croatia and three 5 star hotels.